Your Simple Guide To Commercial Emergency Lighting

Monday, 1st July

A company that cares is a company that develops a culture of loyalty; installing commercial emergency lighting protects all on-site personnel by directing them to the closest exit in an emergency.

What Is Commercial Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lighting in commercial buildings refers to a system of lights that activate during a power outage or emergency to provide safe, efficient illumination and clear directions to the nearest safe exit. These systems are designed to automatically turn on when the regular power supply is interrupted and are essential for schools, offices, factories, public buildings, retail units and public buildings. Speak with a member of our expert team to explore our range of emergency lighting options.

Types Of Emergency Lighting For Businesses?

LED Emergency Lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) systems are one of the most popular types of emergency lighting available thanks to their numerous advantages over incandescent or fluorescent lights. LEDs are more durable, resistant to high temperatures, have a longer life and provide enhanced visibility. They also consume significantly less power than traditional lighting, which is crucial during emergencies when your ability to see only lasts as long as the battery!

Fire Emergency Light Systems

Fire emergency lights are safety measures installed in buildings to provide illumination in case of fire, ensuring clear exit directions are visible for efficient evacuation. These systems activate automatically when a fire is detected or when the main power supply fails. Installed in strategic positions throughout buildings to ensure visibility to all on-site personnel in the event of an emergency.

Standby Lighting

Standby commercial emergency lighting is a system designed to activate during power outages to provide illumination, ensuring normal operations can continue or be safely shut down. It is commonly used in commercial, industrial and institutional settings where a sudden power loss could disrupt essential activities or pose huge safety risks.

Bulkhead Emergency Lighting

Bulkhead lights are robust, durable units designed to provide illumination during power outages or emergencies, often combined with emergency exit lights, to aid on-site personnel find their way to the exit and evacuate. Bulkhead emergency lighting is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, with robust housings that protect against impact, dust and water ingress, and typically manufactured from materials like polycarbonate and toughened glass.


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