Electrical Testing

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Ensure safety and smooth operations in your commercial, domestic or industrial building.

Why Onco Electricians?

We are registered, qualified and highly experienced to provide a full spectrum of electrical testing.

Regular testing is an important safety measure that helps save lives and protect property from electrical failure. Home or business owners should seriously consider having regularly scheduled testing.

During electrical testing, we verify that your electrical equipment and installations meet safety standards and are in good working order. This is essential to help ensure the safety of employees, building occupants and the public.





Earthing testing checks the earthing system of an electrical appliance or installation to make sure it is working properly. When present, the earthing system provides a safe path for current to flow in the event of a fault, if this is defective in any way, it can be dangerous.

Registered Electrician

Insulation resistance testing is a test that checks and measures the resistance of insulation that surrounds electrically conducting materials. If the insulation is damaged or degraded in any way it can allow current to flow through, which can cause a shock or other hazard.

Testing Electronics

Continuity testing checks the continuity of the electrical circuits found in all appliances, lighting, wiring etc to make sure they are complete. Any breaks in the circuits can cause a shock hazard or a fire. These and other tests are used to keep building safe.

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