Retail Electricians

ONCO SES are highly qualified and experienced retail electricians, able to provide all the necessary electrical services for your retail business or shop fit out. With our policy of excellence in all we do, you can rest assured your electrical appliances and services will be safe and meet all the stringent regulations of the retail sector.

Electrical Solutions for Retail Businesses

We are professional electricians for retail companies of all sizes and completely understand the safety regulations and codes specific to the sector. With our highly qualified teams of engineers, we can design, install and also maintain and perform regular inspections on all the electrical systems for retail spaces.

With over fifty years of combined expertise in the sector, ONCO SES are certain to be able to handle anything your project throws at us. We have worked with architects, project managers and other tradespersons to complete many retail fit outs and other commercial projects and can work quickly and efficiently to deadlines to ensure your retail business can open on time, and remain operational, to your shopping public.

Regardless of the size of your retail unit, you can’t afford to compromise on the electrics, as downtime costs you revenue, so calling in the professional retail electricians at ONCO SES makes so much sense. With quality installations and regular inspections to minimise downtime, you can ensure uninterrupted retail electrical services to keep your business up and running at all times.

Our Services

As professional retail electricians, we refuse to compromise on excellence in all we do, from installation, design, maintenance and service to our clients. We ensure your lights stay on and tills open to uphold your reputation among your customers with our comprehensive services.

Upgrading and Maintaining Existing Electrical Systems

You don’t have to be planning a new retail fit out to benefit from ONCO SES’s retail electrical services. We specialise in upgrading and maintaining existing systems in the retail sector to ensure ongoing service and safety for your staff and customers. Our expert team of retail electricians will conduct thorough assessments to identify areas for improvement to enhance efficiency and reliability and proactively address issues before they cause downtime. From lighting fixtures, power distribution systems or point-of-sale appliances, our expert team has it covered. Our maintenance services include:

  • Customised upgrade solutions for electrical systems
  • Expertise in enhancing energy efficiency and reducing operating costs
  • Proactive maintenance plans for continuous operation
  • Responsive support and honest communication

Electrical Inspections

Our retail electricians offer a thorough inspection service to ensure compliance with all the industry’s stringent regulations and legal requirements and to provide energy efficiency and the safety of staff and customers frequenting your retail property. Our experts conduct meticulous assessments of electrical systems, identifying potential hazards and areas for improvement. We provide detailed inspection reports and recommendations to help your retail business maintain a safe and reliable electrical infrastructure. Our service for inspection includes:

  • Comprehensive inspections and reports
  • Expert analysis and recommendations for optimising system performance
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations
  • Transparent reporting and communication without technical jargon

Point of Sale Equipment

Point of sale (POS) equipment in the retail sector is vitally important and downtime can cause huge drops in revenue and be detrimental to your company’s reputation. Our expert team can design, install as well as maintain and repair your POS systems – including cash registers, barcode scanners, card readers and display screens. We totally understand the critical role POS equipment plays in your retail operation, and we’re committed to delivering solutions to optimise efficiency and enhance your customer service. Our standout services include:

  • Customised design and installation of POS electrical systems
  • Proactive maintenance plans to ensure continuous operation
  • Expert troubleshooting and repair services
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations

Case Studies

Explore our case studies for insight and inspiration, giving you confidence we can deliver exceptional electrical solutions for your unique needs.
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