We are your trusted partner for comprehensive industrial electrical services. We bring a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence to meet the diverse needs of industrial facilities regardless of their size and scope. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions to meet the highest industry standards for maximised productivity and safety for our clients.


Bespoke Electrical Solutions for Industry

ONCO SES stands head and shoulders above the competition for top-tier electrical services tailored to the needs of the industrial sector. As experienced industrial electrical contractors, we understand the vital importance of reliable and efficient electrical systems in the industrial environment.

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of services to meet the unique needs within the sector. We work closely with each client to assess their requirements and help to create bespoke solutions to prioritise safety, efficiency and compliance with regulations. From designing and installing power distribution systems to wiring machinery or panel controls, as a trusted industrial electrician, we ensure everything is optimised for peak performance.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart as the industrial electrical service to trust. With highly qualified engineers, knowledge of cutting-edge technology and industry best practices, we always deliver solutions to meet and exceed the highest standards.

Our Services

We offer unmatched expertise, reliability and efficiency in our comprehensive electrical services. With our team of experienced industrial electricians, we help empower our clients to thrive in their sector.

Value Engineering and Cost Planning

ONCO SES excels in value engineering and cost planning, optimising project outcomes while maximising cost-effectiveness. Our experienced team meticulously analyses project requirements to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements and cost savings. Through innovative solutions and strategic planning, we ensure every project achieves its objectives within budget constraints. Our value engineering services stand out with:

  • Expert analysis and recommendations
  • Tailored cost planning strategies to maximise value without compromising quality
  • Proactive identification of cost-saving opportunities
  • Transparent communication and collaboration to align with the budget

Low Voltage Panels

Low voltage panels are an essential component of the electrical distribution system for controlling and distributing power in every industrial facility, organising the safe and efficient power distribution for lighting, machinery, equipment and other electrical loads. Our industrial electricians are experts in providing low voltage panel solutions tailored for each unique facility, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Our expert team is laser-focused on ensuring the low voltage panel fitted is reliable, safe and efficient. Every solution we offer is delivered to meet industry standards and exceed our client’s expectations. Our low voltage panel service ensures:

  • Customised designs for each industrial organisation
  • High-quality components and materials for durability and reliability
  • Expert installation and integration to maximise productivity
  • Ongoing support and maintenance


Having effective and efficient lighting is essential in every industrial facility to ensure processes and production are carried out safely. ONCO SES offers innovative solutions to enhance safety and productivity for every industrial facility. Our industrial electrical team specialises in designing, installing and maintaining industrial lighting systems optimised for the unique requirements of manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centres. Our focus is always on reliability and energy efficiency, and we are proud to deliver lighting solutions that maximise visibility, reduce operational costs and comply with every stringent industry standard and regulation. Our industrial lighting services stand out with:

  • Customised lighting designs
  • Quality, energy efficient lighting fixtures
  • Expert installation and maintenance services
  • Proactive solutions to address safety concerns and enhance visibility


As all industrial organisations rely on production which is generally powered by electricity, even a small failure or outage can bring a whole production line to a halt, causing loss of time and revenue. Our industrial electrical services can ensure reliable and efficient power distribution for your manufacturing plant, warehouse, distribution centre or other site. Our expert industrial electricians will be focused on discovering a unique solution for your requirements that focuses on safety, reliability and scalability. We always aim to optimise performance, minimise downtime and maximise productivity by ensuring:

  • Customised power systems
  • High-quality components and equipment
  • Expertise in installation and integration
  • Maintenance and ongoing support

Distribution and Sub-distribution

The distribution process involves managing the transmission of power from the grid, or a generator, to panels or switchgear with the appropriate voltage and current to meet demands. Sub-distribution systems further divide and route the power to individual circuits or loads within specific areas or zones of the facility. ONCO SES as industrial electricians are highly experienced in designing and installing distribution and sub-distribution systems bespoke for the needs of the individual facility. We prioritise safety, scalability and efficiency with our top-tier services:

  • Customised designs
  • Quality equipment and components
  • Installation and integration from our expert team
  • Proactive support and maintenance

Containment Systems

Containment systems are part of the infrastructure which, as industrial electricians, we install to house and protect the cables, wires and conduits within the facility to provide mechanical protection and meet safety regulations. Some of the more common containment systems include cable trays, conduit systems, cable ladder systems and wire mesh trays. The relevant containment system will depend on the unique requirements of each specific facility. ONCO SES is the industrial electrical contractor to trust to design and install the right containment systems for your organisation thanks to our commitment to excellence and our unmatched expertise. We design and install superior containment systems through our:

  • Precision engineering and meticulous installation techniques
  • Top-grade materials and industry-leading practices
  • Customised solutions that adhere to safety standards and regulations
  • Responsive customer service and ongoing support

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