Healthcare Electricians

ONCO SES are expert healthcare and hospital electricians able to handle the design, installation and maintenance of all electrical appliances and services for hospitals, nursing and care homes, private clinics, dental surgeries and even vets – keeping you compliant with health and safety regulations.

Bespoke Electrical Solutions for Healthcare

Every healthcare facility needs the support of a professional electrician to ensure the safety and ongoing functionality of their electrical systems which are critical to the services and care they provide. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities rely on their electrical systems and appliances for heating, lighting, data protection and other specialist machines such as X-ray, MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) and other scanners, life support machinery and more.

ONCO SES understands fully the vital importance of having reliable and consistent electrical services within the healthcare sector, and our fully qualified and DBS-checked engineers are on hand to design and install as well as maintain, repair and inspect healthcare facilities. As hospital electricians, we can keep your property compliant with the stringent legal regulations for the safety and reliability of your electrical services in this sector.

Whatever the scope and size of your healthcare facility, you can’t afford to compromise on the electrical services you use to ensure the reliability and quality of your ongoing patient care. We aim to proactively support your entire organisation and search for cost-effective ways to keep your electricals up and running continuously.

Our Services

ONCO SES always offers uncompromising quality in all we do. From our customer service to the electrical services we offer to each healthcare provider. As hospital electricians, we strive to ensure your lights, heating and equipment continue to provide the same high-quality service to your patients as we give to all our clients.

Maintenance and Repair

We believe in proactive maintenance and repair, rather than a break-fix approach, which is the best way to ensure continuous and uninterrupted service for your organisation and patients. We always offer the highest quality service in all we do, but our maintenance and repair service is tailored specifically for your unique organisation to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of the electrical systems critical to patient care and facility operations. We offer rapid response times, and our services stand above the competition with:

  • Specialised expertise in the unique electrical needs of healthcare facilities
  • Proactive maintenance to prevent disruption to patient care
  • Compliance with stringent healthcare regulations
  • Transparent communication and collaboration

Electrical Inspections

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require regular inspections of their electrical systems and appliances to ensure safety and reliability. Our expert team conducts meticulous assessments of electrical systems to identify potential hazards, areas for improvement and cost savings as well as eco-efficiency. With a focus on regulatory adherence and risk mitigation, we provide detailed reports and recommendations as hospital electricians to help you provide a safe and reliable infrastructure. Our services include:

  • Thorough electrical inspections covering all aspects of the facility’s electrical system
  • Expert analysis and recommendations
  • Compliance with all healthcare regulations and standards
  • Honest and straightforward communication without technical jargon

Specialist Electrical Installations

Healthcare facilities nearly all have specialist electrical installations and equipment to serve their patients, apart from the usual heating and lighting electrical systems. Some of these specialist electrical installations include life support systems and other equipment which are vital to the prioritising of patient care. The continuous functioning of electrical services to healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, is therefore vital, which is why our expert teams offer solutions to prioritise patient care and reliable infrastructure. From advanced medical equipment wiring to emergency lighting systems, we provide services that:

  • Customise designs to meet the specific electrical needs of the organisation
  • Expert installation techniques for reliability, efficiency and preventing downtime
  • Compliance with the stringent healthcare regulations and standards
  • Proactive maintenance plans and repairs for continuous operation of critical electrical systems

Case Studies

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