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Electric power is a requirement in every type of industry and ONCO SES has the experience to serve every sector with excellence. From industrial and commercial to residential and institutional projects, we are the electrical contractors with the expertise and reliability for every project.

Powering up properties

Whatever the size or scope of your property or sector, we’ve got the power to get you fully wired up.

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We offer a comprehensive range of electrical services to cover every property’s electric needs, from installation to testing, inspection and maintenance.


New properties require complete electrical wiring, or an extension or additional feature of a building will require new electrical installations and ONCO SES excel at ensuring the new electrical services are fitted in a way that guarantees longevity and safety whilst preserving the aesthetic of your property. We can design bespoke installations for each property’s needs.

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Our electrical maintenance service involves the systematic upkeep, inspection, testing and repair of electrical equipment and systems to ensure their safety, performance and longevity. ONCO SES is dedicated to preventing downtime and ensuring your property meets regulations while prolonging the lifespan of your electrical installations.

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Testing and Inspections

Depending on the people who use your property, your electrical systems will require regular inspection and testing to remain compliant and safe for all who use the building. ONCO SES has teams of skilled technicians who can keep your systems up to date with regulations, and we provide reports and recommendations of any updates or upgrades that might be needed.

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