At Some Point, Most Houses Will Need a Rewire

Rewire your home to ensure that your electrics are safe, future-proof, and compliant with current regulations.

Why ONCO Electricians?

We are registered, qualified and highly experienced to provide all the electrical services for your rewire.

Your home’s electrical cables run under the flooring and through the walls, so rewiring a house is often a messy and disruptive job. It will require lifting flooring and drilling walls.

​If you’re renovating a house, a rewire should be completed before any plastering or cosmetic work is undertaken and should be done at the same stage as any plumbing or work to the heating system.






If your home’s wiring is over 25 years old it may need either updating, or a full rewire, to bring it up to current safety standards. However there is no definitive time frame for rewiring a house. Electrical inspections should be carried out every 10 years if you own your house, and every 5 years if you’re a landlord to make sure that everything is still safe and in full working order. These are called EICR’s.


If at any point your electrics become unsafe or stop meeting the current regulations, it is extremely important that you get them fixed as soon as possible to avoid fire or injury. All new wiring will need to conform to Part P of the Building Regulations and existing wiring will need to be improved to make sure it can cope with the additional load of the new wiring being added.

Consumer Board

Re-wires take place in two stages: First Fix – cabling, wiring, circuits and back boxes are all replaced. Second Fix – light fittings and faceplates on sockets and switches and are installed. All wiring is connected to the consumer unit. This often requires cooperation with other companies when the rewire is part of a larger project. We are experienced in this process and will anticipate these issues as the job progresses.

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