Electricians for New Build Houses

Electricians for Indoor or Outdoor Services on New Build Houses

New Build Electricians
All new build houses need at least the basic level of wiring and lighting.

Why ONCO Electricians?

We are registered, qualified and highly experienced to provide all the electrical services for your newly built house.

No matter what size and type your extension is going to be, you are likely to want an electrical supply in there, even if it’s just for a light. If you’re going the whole hog, with a two or three story extension that consists of bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, then a serious upgrade to the house’s wiring will be required.




Extensions and Outhouses

New Build Lighting
We offer a range of different services for your indoor lighting needs and our experienced electricians are able to provide professional advise. Outdoor lighting can be just as important as indoor lighting, whether it’s for security reasons, general lighting needs or simply cosmetic! If you’re not quite sure what you need, we’re happy to help advise on what we believe to be suitable. From striplights and wall lamps to LEDs and larger floodlights in the garden.
Exterior Sockets

Houses rely on power sockets inside and outside. We install the wiring necessary to run both. Whether it’s the familiar internal sockets or IP Rated Sockets. These are best known as outdoor sockets and are called IP Rated because they have a certain level of protection against water and foreign bodies. Having outdoor IP Rated Sockets are great for use of your electrical garden tools (even the parties in the summer!!)

Consumer Board

Consumer Units are also known as Distribution Boards, Panelboards, Breaker Panels or Electric Panels. They are an essential component of an electricity supply system that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits. Each circuit is protected by a protective circuit breaker. Distribution boards in new build houses should be kept in line with BS7671:2018 to comply with current regulations, which keeps you as safe as possible. 

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