Life Safety Systems

Some of the most vital electrical systems in any property are life safety systems, especially those which are used by large numbers of people. Public service, commercial and industrial buildings need fire safety systems as well as emergency lighting to keep people safe.

Life Safety Systems Tailored for Your Needs

Whether you need to have a life safety system designed and installed or already have one that needs to be tested and maintained, our team at ONCO SES is fully qualified to support all building life safety systems.

ONCO SES excels in fitting life safety systems in buildings across all sectors. Our team’s expertise spans designing, installing, testing and maintaining life safety systems tailored to each unique building’s requirements. Whether for commercial, healthcare or educational facilities, we meticulously assess each property’s needs.

Our qualified technicians ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards, delivering customised solutions for optimal safety and reliability. With a focus on excellence and client satisfaction, ONCO SES is dedicated to safeguarding occupants and assets and goes above and beyond to ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability, providing peace of mind in emergencies across every sector we serve.

Our Services

ONCO SES can provide your property with the life safety systems you need to meet regulations and keep your occupants safe in an emergency.

Fire Alarms

Public sector, commercial and industrial buildings rely on working fire alarm systems to protect the building’s users as well as to ensure regulatory compliance. ONCO SES’s professional life safety system installation, inspection, maintenance and testing services ensure your peace of mind that you’ll be warned in the event of a fire – and make sure that everyone’s kept safe.

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Emergency Lighting

ONCO SES excels in emergency lighting system services from installation to ensuring compliance with all regulations. Our comprehensive maintenance and testing offering keeps your emergency lighting ready for crucial moments when the building’s occupants need to find exits quickly. Our trusted solutions remove the stress of your emergency lighting needs.

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