Electricians for Extensions

When You're Extending Your Home, You'll Need an Electrician

All extensions need at least the basic level of wiring and lighting.

Why ONCO Electricians?

We are registered, qualified and highly experienced to provide all the electrical services for your extension.

No matter what size and type your extension is going to be, you are likely to want an electrical supply in there, even if it’s just for a light. If you’re going the whole hog, with a two or three story extension that consists of bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, then a serious upgrade to the house’s wiring will be required.




Extensions and Outhouses


If you have instructed a construction company to build your extension, then they often have their own electrical contractor, but it’s worth noting that you can decide to use a different electrical contractor if you prefer. You will however have to make sure that your electrical contractor can work alongside the construction company to make sure deadlines are being hit.


People choose to get an extension built for a variety of reasons, a growing family, larger kitchen, granny flat or even a man cave. Every project will have different requirements for electrical services. Let us guide you on the options and the best way to implement your desires for your new addition to the family home or garden.

Consumer Board

Since you are building an extension, the main building will already have a consumer unit but the extension may need an additional one. Consumer Units are also known as Distribution Boards, Panelboards, Breaker Panels or Electric Panels. They are an essential component of an electricity supply system that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits. 

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