Electricians for Your Events

Electricians for Indoor or Outdoor Concerts, Parties & Festivals.

Planning a Conference or Festival? You will Need some Electrical Services.

Why ONCO Electricians?

We are registered, qualified and highly experienced to provide all the electrical services for your event.

Events electricians are a specialised type of electrician who provides electrical services for events of all sizes, from small parties to large festivals. We are responsible for installing and maintaining all of the electrical equipment needed for an event, including lighting, sound, power distribution, and security systems.






All our events electricians are required to have a strong understanding of electrical safety and code requirements. They must also be able to work quickly and efficiently under pressure, as events often have tight deadlines. We work well with others to coordinate work with event planners, venue staff, and other contractors.

Stands and Stalls

We plan and carry out all the preparation, installation and maintenance of electrical services that any event could possibly need. We have the highest requirements and standards of our staff to make sure your event goes as smoothly as it possibly can and the electrical services are up to the job. 

Onco Specialised Electrical Services provide support for many special business events. From stalls at exhibitions to large business conferences. The corporate world puts on many types of events like awards ceremonies, presentations, product launches and large scale office parties. All of which need electrical services.

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